The Best Barbershops in Ukraine

If you’re in search of an authentic barbershop in Ukraine or a chic place to get a beard cut take a look at this list of the top barber shops in Ukraine.

In Odessa’s historic town, Kult is a pared-back space that also houses a tattoo parlour , as well as beauty salons. Sivak&Parters is a local studio, was able to finish the shop’s interior of 100 square metres in three months.

1. Kult

Kult, a role-playing game was first introduced in 1991. It has been translated into numerous languages. The first publication of Kult was Target Games. It has been republished multiple times and has added new features.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic universe and is suitable for all different ages. It’s a horror-themed video game that lets you explore your fears and nightmares.

It’s an activity that requires you and your GM to be upfront about what you can and shouldn’t do in the game. For instance the GM will not allow you to sit in the corner checking your phone, making jokes, or distracting other players.

This is in keeping with the publisher’s position on player safety. Helmgast is a Swedish company that has released a variety of games including Conan, Star Trek Adventures and Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game.

The GM of the game must also work to prevent violence or inappropriate behaviour. It is essential that the players are aware of this and agree to the rules of the game before starting the session.

When it is about monsters Kult is quite different from the majority of RPGs. Kult is an RPG with a horror theme, in contrast to other fantasy RPGs that tend to be more friendly and have more stats for monsters.

You can find them in the world’s various hell realms, which are all part of the game’s world. These are dark cold, dangerous, and often inhabited by people who suffer from mental illness.

There are many things you can do to make your character more resilient and even escape from the most horrific parts of the world. One method is to be an Soulsaving Crusader.

Another alternative is to become a Torture Technician. The latter can help to eliminate the enemies you encounter, and the former may give your character a specific weapon or ability.

These abilities can help you overcome obstacles that your character faces in a world filled with darkness and evil. These abilities can help you overcome the evil creatures who want to kill and destroy you.


In Ukraine the barbershop scene is growing rapidly. It is a favored attraction for both locals and tourists.

BRAZOR is among the best Ukraine barbershops. You can get a professional haircut for as little as UAH 250. The shop also has an open-air terrace and an bar, as well being a game room that is able to be hired for small groups. It’s the perfect spot to spend just a few hours with your loved ones.

Another is Daboroda where you can get hair that looks like a finely sculpted piece of art. You can also enjoy the spa-like ambience of the salon with a cup of coffee after your cut.

Besides a great haircut, the shop also offers a unique facial shave, complete with an oil-infused, cold lavender towel wrap and a refreshing face massage that includes cooling after-shave. This is the only one in Kiev to offer this specific special touch.

This is also the cheapest barbershop for men only in which you can get a good old fashioned head-to-toe shaving for under UAH 250. The shop is owned and operated by two brothers. They’ve been in business for several years.

The most impressive aspect of this shop is that the owners have succeeded in bringing the old-fashioned style to modern-day Kiev. The store is currently in the process of being transformed to resemble an old-fashioned barbershop. It will have an expanded hot-shave area and more seating, according to the owner, Mike Myers. The company is also planning to add a non-alcoholic bar as well as a dartboard as well as wooden chairs in the future.

3. Hottabych

This bar is located in the heart of downtown. This bar is praised for its friendly staff, great food and flawless service. Moreover, this bar has very low costs and has an excellent selection of drinks.

The owner of this cosy bar is very imaginative and knows how to treat his patrons. He also has a great reputation for his work and he is well-known in the city.

He has also been known to employ various gimmicks in his work. He will make his guests feel comfortable and at ease through his magic.

So, he often gets high ratings. The bar is extremely popular in the Ukraine and you must go to it if you are looking for a great night out!

Based on the book Old Man Hottabych by Lazar Ginzburg, this film was inspired. The book tells the tale of a boy named Volka who discovers an unopened jug in the Moscow river and opens it to find an Oriental genie named Hassan Abdurahman Imn Hottab in front of him. Volka is thankful for the release of him from his 2 000-year-long prison and the genie becomes his servant. To show his appreciation the genie showers him with gifts and guides him on a wonderful journey.

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